Popped Corns!

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Well it's about that time of the year when all plans made must be up and running, ready to fly. I have been playing a fair amount of live shows, each one unique in line up, style, audience and setting. This almost always gets my imagination oiled and heated and pretty soon I have these ideas popping up all over the place…yep…like popcorn.. and much like popcorn one starts eating one at a time, then two or three, then whole handfuls. I normally get over salted at this point, grab a juice, and focus on a few hot looking popped kernels.

Popped Corn 1….start a group that incorporates voice, acoustic string instruments, drums and maybe trombone… (western brass didgeribone) It must be strong on catchy story telling and big on rhythms and beats. I am pleased to say that this was achieved without much fuss as I was lucky to draw on the talents of my gifted nephews Jonathan Georgiades (bass) and David Georgiades(drums) together with the great feel and musicality of ex Tidal Waves guitarist, Jaco Mans and the brilliant powerhouse voice and trombone of Siya Makuzeni, who has shown her amazing music talents all over Africa and Europe in various groups including me and McCoy Mrubata's VIVID AFRIKA.

The new group is called G Force and we've had some great performances at a couple of feisty festivals. An album will be out soon which includes the NO eTOLL! fun protest song.

Popped Corn 2….. get out of my comfort zone and play with musicians from as many so called 'genres' as is interestingly and excitingly possible. I must say that this has been my general approach for quite some time already, so it is becoming increasingly difficult to find that comfort zone to get out of. However it is in this quest that I have continuously found myself in the most fertile positions of entertaining expression. One such meeting of spirit and sounds resulted in the FULL SWING PROJECT doing our hugely popular LETS SWING IT show which features electro swing and Balkan ideas put together by DJ beat master Michael Lesar with myself on a soprano ukelele and bass ukelele(U bass)

Popped Corn 3

…. play more solo shows so I can get to know that guy better! It will help me to keep surprising myself when the chips are down….or up..

Popped Corn 4

….follow those dreams…. This bit from the G Force tune 'Move it up Today' seems to sum it up nicely..

" Dreams are just like pictures

hanging on the wall.

First you're in a kitchen

then you're in a mall.

Talking to some people

standing on a kerb.

Then you see a sign that says


Oh we're sorry to disappoint

but it's all just turned around.

The picture is now hanging

in the middle of the sound.

We're sorry to disappoint

but we're at a waterfall

where a billion notes of music

just washed away the walls

Move it up today

Move it up that way

Move it up today"

Unpopped GMO Corn 5

……the music industry and it's 'obedience' award ceremonies. Don't try this one… you'll just crack a tooth!

Now's about the time when real is really real..

leave them microchips at the door

cos they filter how you feel..

See you at the falls..let the music wash away those walls!