It’s like giving candy to a baby!

Time for a refresher on my observations of the ongoing music life as I have been experiencing it…. Firstly I’ve been made aware of the fact that music must be one of the art forms most under pressure to be more like this ..or maybe a bit more like that….whatever…. the musician is more often, not so subtly, pushed into delivering industry defined styles, approaches and compositions, than most other artists and thus has to really stand up for himself and his art.

One does not often find people going up to a sculptor or painter and asking them to rather produce birdbaths and still life pictures of bowls of fruit (but only of bananas and lemons please). The commodity that music has become has all but eliminated the ‘magic’ of creativity which seems to have been swamped with marketing strategies and other more serious stuff.

A further influential factor is the ‘software’ available, that enables anyone to choose from huge libraries of samples and loops and ‘make up’ remarkably good imitations of real music. This in turn has led to a generation of less than accomplished musicians that can hardly play an instrument without the necessary ‘backtracks’ and techno wizardry. ….and this, further still, seems to have lead us, more than ever before, into the ‘necessary sheep syndrome’ where audiences are ‘cultivated’ to buy into this scenario.

Well i’m not complaining…what with all those nice squeaky clean brainwashed minds just waiting to hear something real and organic. It’s like giving candy to a baby!..what a pleasure.

At the same time that I am having heaps of fun in dealing with this situation,..i’m still aware of competing in a type of reality show called ‘SURVIVOR MUSICIAN ISLAND’ where no one is supposed to sell out (themselves or others) but often do!
It is indeed exciting times especially with the arrival of the ‘hinternet’ to loosen the industry stranglehold. I see a light…let’s go see!

To the music and beyond….
Hey Ho Silver!