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Here we are approaching spring in sunny South Africa and the music is ready to go forth and multiply even further after doing some memorable cosy fermentations through the winter. I have been busy playing many extremely enjoyable live shows with some great line ups while at the same time working on two fresh new albums.

Well it's about that time of the year when all plans made must be up and running, ready to fly. I have been playing a fair amount of live shows, each one unique in line up, style, audience and setting. This almost always gets my imagination oiled and heated and pretty soon I have these ideas popping up all over the place…yep…like popcorn.. and much like popcorn one starts eating one at a time, then two or three, then whole handfuls. I normally get over salted at this point, grab a juice, and focus on a few hot looking popped kernels.

Popped Corn 1….start a group that incorporates voice, acoustic string instruments, drums and maybe trombone… (western brass didgeribone) It must be strong on catchy story telling and big on rhythms and beats. I am pleased to say that this was...

It's been quite some time since I put out a fresh commentary on what's going on around me in my take on the music thing... It seems to be a never ending quest to play more music for(and with)more people, have good fun and somehow still keep the wolf from the door.....I have found that loads of playing and fun does tend to distract and confuse that 'ol wolf ..shame by now he's looking a bit shaggy and worn..and I've never felt better!...think I should leave something out for him..

The last year has seen me on a number of tours all over Southern Africa which covered a wide spectrum of audiences and included some great collaborations resulting in...