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Time for a refresher on my observations of the ongoing music life as I have been experiencing it…. Firstly I’ve been made aware of the fact that music must be one of the art forms most under pressure to be more like this ..or maybe a bit more like that….whatever…. the musician is more often, not so subtly, pushed into delivering industry defined styles, approaches and compositions, than most other artists and thus has to really stand up for himself and his art.

One does not often find people going up to a sculptor or painter and asking them to rather produce birdbaths and still life pictures of bowls of fruit (but only of bananas and lemons please). The commodity that music has become has all but eliminated the ‘magic’ of creativity which seems to have been swamped with...

It's been a while since my last newsletter and here we are at the beginning of the new year already. This is a good sign showing that I was kinda busy AND all over the place which, in itself, is quite a combination of time-slurping factors. Yep 2009 was a Goodyear ...I know that, because I got more mileage out of it than usual ...with touring all over Southern Africa as well as shows in Algeria and the Seychelles. While at home-base in Pretoria, in the state of Gauteng, South Africa...I had kept myself involved in writing some music for a feature film called 'Long Street'.

A beautifully filmed human drama that was shot in Cape Town and premiered at the Durban Film Festival during July '09. Produced and directed by Reville Fox and Florian Schattauer, this is a stunning piece of...

Greetings from the cooler southern hemisphere where the wintery freshness has resulted in rummaging for them pirate woolies....Long Johns...nabbed while his one eye was distracted! Anyway this is the time of the year when I do most of my recording, studio work and touring outside SA, with this season producing some exciting work with some great musicians.

On the recording thing... the collaboration with DJ Chresos and his amazing production team is now nearing completion. This is a remix project (with resultant live band!) of the STRINGS & SKINS 'Passages in Time' album. The album will be out in September and it has aspects of house, lounge, kitchen, garden, shed... and veld!....  sure gonna kick up some dust with fresh feetmovers all over the place.