Greg Georgiades Online At Last!

Greetings all,

This is the first of my regular 'Greg Hadjiyorki Georgiades website' newsletters which should serve the purpose of keeping you all informed of what is going on in my musical career and, if at all possible, even some of those thoughts that flutter in and out of that loft I call my my mind...(sometimes more like a bellfry I suppose!) I like to keep these things short and sweet which is, by far, better than long and bitter.

I'd like to kick off with an apology for this 'spam-like' beginning but one has to start somewhere and the fact that you are on the mailing list merely indicates that you are on my shortlist of first time recipients whom I humbly thought might be somewhat interested. If at any stage you would like to be removed from the mailing list and be spared from what you may feel is an intrusion of nonsensical ramblings..merely press the ejector seat button (make sure it's the one for MY seat and not yours!), sit back and breathe a sigh of relief. If this does not work, I suggest using the molecular vaporizor that comes in every '1st Newsletter Starter Pack'!!

OK!..if you can read this paragragh then i'm still here.....thanks! Now let's get down to some light hearted stuff, like music..and why I play what I play, where I play and with whom. Those of you that know me fairly well will, by now, be aware that, musically, you may find me anywhere but in the middle of the road...which is, by far, too dangerous a place for any fun seeking musician to be. So it is not surprising that the whole of my career has been 'wasted'(so i'm told) with unusual collaborations resulting in many 'strange and out of the ordinary' music groups, each of which have been described by the 'powers that be' as merely small cult-like projects. Well i'm proud to have put out more than 8 CD's of my own stuff and played on numerous other great musicians albums while maintaining my motto of 'FUN and SPIRIT!'... oh yeah..and keeping out of the middle of the road.

At present i'm preparing to complete the second VIVID AFRIKA cd with my brother in music, McCoy Mrubata. This promises to be a real 'cracker' just like the 1st one. I'm also busy with the third STRINGS & SKINS cd with my other brother in music, Ashish Joshi the mesmerising tabla player/percussionist...and in addition to this I have a new project with my long time bra, Ernest Mothle (bassplayer of the legendary late Chris McGregor's 'Brotherhood of Breath') mmm well as another extremely fresh and exciting project 'The JazzZombies' which features former metalhead members of 'Not My Dog' (Hugo de Waal, Jorik Pienaar, Lanie vd walt) together with 'off the wall' jazzers Marc Duby and Kevin Davidson... our slogan is "jazz ain't dead, it just walks funny!" ....and I haven't even got around to the amazing Aquarian Quartet (Steve Newman, Syd Kitchen, Tony Cox and myself)...also sometimes called 'the Aquarium Quartet' in Pretoria where we are also asked difficult to answer trick questions like " tell me how many guys in the band hey?"

Ja well no fine..there's more but I don't wanna get into biogging...that's for other places and other times....just know this...there's more fun out there off the road than lying in the middle of the road waiting for the inevitable 'gedunk! gedunk!' of some record company exec's tyres as they flatten your soul in their rush to the next party or awards ceremony....

Hey Ho Silver!